Kindergarten Nerang: Helping your kindergartener achieve academic success

The day you child starts kindergarten, marks for one of the most important events in their life. It is at kindergarten Nerang that they would make new friends, meet new people and develop a relationship with their peers. However, it should be kept in mind that the parents would still be the major influencers in their child’s life.

While the primary focus at kindergarten would be acquiring reading and writing skills, there is a great deal more your child would learn. At kindergarten your children would learn to recognize and sound out the alphabets. Plus they would also learn to form words using the sounds of these letters. Kids are taught a whole list of high frequency words which are often used in most of their books. The ability to recognize those words quickly would help your child excel at reading and later on writing as well.

Starting kindergarten can be pretty overwhelming for your child. The sudden shift from preschool where the environment is different can be a sudden change. Some children may take longer to adapt to a schedule while others adjust accordingly. On the other hand children should be encouraged to pursue academic activities at home as well.

Whatever they learn at school should be reinforced at home as well. This would help them make memorize things earlier. While academically children can move ahead at a faster pace, but at the same time they learn to do things on their own and become independent in their thinking. They decide to form friendships based on their preference. Also they learn important social sills which help them work in teams and make lasting relationships with their peers.

Socially intelligent children tend to perform well academically as well. Since they are less stressed about their experiences they are eager to learn more. The following tips from the teachers at kindergarten Nerang, can help your children achieve academic success at school:

  • Encourage your child to read as much as they can. This is because children who read at an early age are often more successful as they grow older. Instead of reading aloud to your child, encourage your child to start reading on their own. Start with picture books and slowly progress to books with a few sentences.
  • Try to make your children enjoy the outdoors. Children are fascinated by everything around them. Helping them develop an interest in their surroundings and talking about it is quite helpful in allowing them to express themselves freely.
  • Encourage them to hold a pencil even if they just use it for doodling. This is because holding a pencil helps them develop their motor sills which would come in handy when they learn to trace alphabets and sounds.
  • Allow children to copy out the words from their favorite story books. Not only would it improve their writing skill but enhance their concept of connecting sight words with written words.

Find a leading kindergarten in Nerang that will help train and develop your child.


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Why You Should Enroll your Child at an Early Learning Centre

There are a great many benefits of enrolling your child at an early learning Centre. If you are wondering why you should be doing so, you are at the right place. Smart parenting involves giving your child the best foundation years of their life so they grow into intelligent and socially aware individuals. Going to a good school would ensure their curriculum is at its best but being socially intelligent is pretty much important too. A child who is empathetic and aware of his surrounding fares much better in the world the basic aim of early child hood education is to shape the child’s personality in much a way to help them be prepared for all kinds of challenges ahead of them.

The following are a few benefits of a good early childhood education. These include:

Positive affect on your child’s learning ability

Not all children learn at the same pace, but the push in the right direction can help make them the most of their learning abilities. Children have a limited time to learn the most they can at school but the ability to learn is actually unlimited. Childhood education encourages your child to make the best of their potential. So by the time your child is ready to enter kindergarten they are well aware of their abilities and have a certain edge over their peers. This helps your child become more confident and easily able to face all learning challenges.

Builds communication skills

We all know younger children have trouble communicating their ideas and thoughts in a positive way. The inability to use their words may frustrate them and result in slightly anti-social behavior. However at an early learning center your child is taught to communicate hi thoughts and idea in a positive manner. The teachers are especially trained to help younger children learn the basic communicating skills.


Not all children know the importance of team work. As they grow older this might have a negative impact on their school life. Children need to learn early on that working in a team is always more beneficial. This spirit of team work is taught to them at all child care centers. They learn to communicate with their peers. Share their things and ideas in a positive manner and wait for their turn. This is something which can’t be taught at home that easily. But at a school they would learn it in good time.

Helps with physical and mental development

When your child is enrolled in a child care center they are benefiting completely from it as a whole. Not only are their minds nurtured but the facilitators work on improving the mental and social skills as well. Plus they can use their unlimited energy in physical endeavors which would make them grow stronger and healthier. They are used to schedule so it makes them ready o listen to their parents schedule as well.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you enroll your child at a day care Centre in Cranbourne.

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