A Blog for New Parents

Having a child for the first time is really altering in one’s life and most probably you are aware of that. However, you might be wondering how this altering can be. But don’t you worry. Every new parent makes mistakes. Well. To confirm this, take a look at your parents and you will come up with a whole list of the wrong things they did.

It is definitely that you have been waiting for that child wondering how he will be looking like and now he has come. Yes, it is allowed because it is your first time and you may not be conversant with handling and taking care of your newborn child. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be confused. There are certain things you should keep in mind. Let’s explore more.

Basic Things Every New Parent Should be Aware Off

Now that you have got a child, what are the things you should know so as to take care of your child? Some of them include:

  • No new parent really comprehends what they should do, they are doing their best.
  • What is working for other parents may not really work for you
  • Your baby crying for some minutes will not kill him/her so you can do something else
  • Taking a shower is very necessary and it will make you relax
  • You will soon lose the baby weight just give yourself sometime
  • Don’t worry when it becomes hard for you as a new parent, everyone is trying. So try your best.
  • Many will give you advice just nod, smile and go do what you want as a parent of your child.
  • When your mother-in-law becomes pushy, just take it gently and let her know everything is under control although you may not be agreeing with her fully
  • Your baby does not require a lot of things as you may think
  • Like seriously try to sleep when your baby sleeps
  • You have to make baby carriers your closest friend
  • There will be mood swings and you might cry from one time to another. You are not abnormal, it’s a normal feeling
  • Every time you notice a sign of depression please talk to someone as fast as possible
  • You will not feel connected to your child, it is not an abnormality, you are okay
  • Just have faith when your baby is screaming, he/she will soon fall asleep and stop crying

There are a lot more things you ought to know but let’s look at the mistakes many new parents make.

Common Mistakes You Might Make as a New Parent

Some of the mistakes new parents make include:

  • Panicking over everything the baby does like having bowel movements, spitting, eating, sleeping a lot and crying a lot etc.
  • Waking him/her up to breastfeed
  • Not allowing your baby cry it out, let your baby cry but you can cuddle him
  • Thinking that whenever the temperature rises it is fever
  • Becoming confused with spit up and vomit
  • Forsaking oral care like giving your baby milk when she/he has teeth
  • Ignoring your partner and marriage
  • Quarreling in front of your child

Avoid such mistakes. In addition, there are things you should know about your child. Let’s see them.

Things you Should Know About Your Child

Some few basics include:

  • S/he may be a little funny
  • Give him/her sponge bathing before the falling off of umbilical cord
  • They need to eat after every 2-3 hours
  • Dry skin is a normal thing in your child
  • They cry a lot, it’s their communication language
  • They sleep a lot, so don’t worry

Basically, that’s what every new parent should be aware of.