When it comes to education of your child you might want what is best for them. Every parent knows that each child is unique and when it comes to learning each of them might have different developmental milestone. There are parents who are often concerned about the quality of education which that child might receive at a pre school. This is also one of the reasons why most parents choose to home school their children.

There are many parents who go for home schooling their children. In fact it has become a progressive Movement in the recent years. There has been a number of parents who have shifted towards home school instead of sending the child to a preschool. There are certain reasons why a parent might want to home School the child. Often this is done due to the different religious belief that the family might have. At home School a parent has the choice to incorporate religion or not into the curriculum. They are able to give the children more educational attention especially if they are special needs children. Sometimes the parents might have a different Educational Philosophy than the public schools in their area. At home school they are able to choose whatever philosophy they want to follow. Some parents believe that the children progress faster in home setting. It also helps develop a closer family relationship.

However there are certain downside to home schooling the child. Usually parents may not be able to work if they are home-schooling the children. This put result in the financial strain on their everyday life. Children who are home-schooled do not have access to extra curricular activities including sports. They might also not have the kind of social interaction with children normally have at a preschool.

Why send your child to Launceston preschool

When you send your child to a preschool you do not have to worry about a structural curriculum. Schools already have a set routine. It has been observed that particularly young children thrive a lot better when they follow a specific routine. If you are home schooling your child you have to be a stay at home mum and you might find things to be a bit more challenging. At a preschool there are enough materials to keep the child occupied throughout the day. Your child would also be exposed to art and music programs which might not be available for home schooled children. Children attending a play school have a certain degree of independence. Children keep track of their own everyday activities and are able to eat lunch on their own and also be away from the parents for a while.

The teachers at the preschool have a degree in Child Psychology and Education. They have an experience working with a number of children. Teaching young children is a whole lot different then teaching older children. And therefore a parent might struggle to use the right methodologies in order to make the child learn a certain thing.

To find a pre school in Launceston, visit several schools personally to get an idea of the curriculum and the philosophy which they would inculcate in your child.