Parents that place their children in daycare centres are often misjudged by people stating that parents should be the only caregivers. However, both parents working to support their families are a modern reality.

Whether both parents work to support their families or work because they want to is not the issue. The issue is with leaving their children in the care of daycare centres while working.

Parent-guilt should not be the issue preventing them from letting their children attend daycare. Why?

Children going to top-grade daycare centres stand to acquire a host of benefits, to include:

Great preparation for formal schooling

Children grow up quickly. Sooner, rather than later, sees children leaving to go for school. The transition from home to school is easier when children have experienced going to daycare centres.

Studies have shown that better performance when they get to school is seen in children who attended daycare. Children attending daycare centres show better math and reading skills than children left to the care of home-based and informal care programs.

Acquire socialising skills

Very young children sent to daycare centres acquire socialising opportunities. This skill, in turn, helps them to develop communication abilities. One study has proven that children exposed to kids of varying ages in daycare centres were able to adjust their verbal and non-verbal communication skills depending on the age of the kid they are interacting with.

College plans become part of the agenda

A study that took 30 years from start to finish has seen that infants enrolled in top-quality daycare programs are four times likely to pursue a college education or earn a degree. Not only that. These same infants attending daycare centres were later seen to be employed consistently.

Build up their immune system

Children DO tend to acquire one bug after another while attending daycare. However, while more ear and respiratory infections are part of the equation with daycare centres, the kids later are less prone to them during elementary school. While this is often seen as a negative factor for parents sending their children to daycare centres, the reduced sick days when kids enter elementary school provides a better scenario.

Helps kids try nutritious foods

Sharing food with their peers and caregivers encourage kids to try eating nutritious foods. Explaining the health benefits of the foods served to them also helps the kids to broaden their food groups. The willingness shown by young children in daycare centres pays off in spades by the time new and healthy food options are introduced to them by parents.

Fun place to learn and try new things

Daycare centres provide a fun learning environment for children. It’s not only a place parents leave their children when they go to work. The children’s entire day is spent playing and talking with their peers, eating with peers and caregivers, playing with toys, singing, and storytelling. All these activities become memorable to kids attending daycare centres that carry over up to their later years.

The constant learning environment provided by daycare centres benefits both children and parents. Parents become less guilty when they see how well good daycare centres help their children enjoy learning through play and interaction.

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