Top 4 Dance Classes in Sydney

Being in a proper dancing position will make you outstanding in the midst of a crowd. It will give a polished look in your dancing, nevertheless, this doesn’t just come. That’s why there are dance classes in Sydney that are specifically made for you irrespective of your expertise in dancing. Whether you are a beginner, an amateur or an expert, you can always find a place a learning platform to advance your dancing. Whichever the style you want to learn, the instructors are as well ready to teach you.

Most of the dance classes in Sydney begin from noon to around 10 pm during weekdays but when it comes on Saturday, they start as early as 9 am to afternoon hours. There are various dancing styles that are taught in Sydney; some of them include Reggae ton, dancehall, hip pop, jazz, funk, salsa, belly dance, blues, burlesque, Bollywood, Afro-fusion, ballet, modern tango, music theatre, animation etc. You can also book for private tuitions if you don’t want to be public.

Some Good News About Dancing

According to a report released by Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2012, 87.7% of elderly people were struggling with high blood pressure; a condition that is mostly caused by stress, lack of exercises and poor diet. Physical exercises and routines can be of help in reducing fat accumulation and allow super circulation of blood. The good news is that instead of going for those high-intensity exercises and gym, you can always have a more fun form of exercising by the dancing. The best thing about dancing is that you not only improve your health but also you learn new dancing styles. Hip-hop, Salsa and some spices of Samba dance are an ultimate way of enjoying yet keeping fit.  Let’s look at the top 5 dance classes in Sydney.

Top 4 Classic Dance Classes in Sydney

Reduce some stress levels whilst becoming a dancing expert. The following dance classes are the most enjoyed and very popular in Sydney:

  • Salsa dance classes

This is the most common dance styles not only in Australia but also in the world. It is can be described as a fast-moving, high energy type of Latin dance that very impressing to the eye but very easy to learn the dance moves. If you have a personality in that you like being happy, this should be your dance. Be ready for faster footwork, some crazy-flirty spins and definitely a lot of fun.

  • Cha Cha dance classes

This is one of the most favourites of many people. It is great for beginners because of its simple steps which are easy to learn. Be ready for some fascinating funs, great hip movements, and often knee bending and straightening. It is the most popular in any social dancing scope.

  • Ballroom dance classes

This basically refers to a number of dancing styles like Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot. These dances are distinctive with gliding moves, and smooth motions. It is common in various competitions. If you want to keep fit then this is the class to attend. The foundation of Ballroom dance is the Foxtrot style.

  • Latin dance classes

If you are looking for a fast-paced dance characterised by hip action and vibrant sensuality, then this is the dance. It is very common around the world. If you want to bring some passion into your life, you can consider this dance style. The great starting point of this dance is merengue style.


In Sydney city, you will find these and more other dancing styles that you will enjoy. Their classes are tailored to suit you, regardless of your experience or temperament.